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Der Koffer oder: Entartete Ecken -
Susanne Mathies


Lost in a sea of deceptions

Anna, in her mid-thirties, separated from her husband, arrives at Zurich airport late at night and accidentally takes a strange suitcase from the conveyor belt. A flood of blurred memories, associations, nightmares and erotic visions drives Anna on an odyssey through the night with the heavy piece of luggage, until she learns about the problem of degenerate corners from a mathematician in a bar.

Is there a connection between love and mathematics?

ISBN 978-3-758440-40-3
Baltrum Verlag 2023

Mord im Filmpodium -
Susanne Mathies


Crime writer Cressida Kandel recognizes an old acquaintance in the Filmpodium cinema hall. Shortly afterwards, he is discovered in his seat, with his throat cut. He is carrying a document that suggests that he has been blackmailing several people. Hauptkommissar Grimm screens Cressida's past - and suspects her of murder. As Cressida tries to decode the document and find the murderer, her life is threatened.

Cressida Kandel investigates, book 3

ISBN 978-3-8392-0493-1
Gmeiner Verlag 2023
Mord_m_Limmatblick_LY_13 (002).jpg

Mord mit Limmatblick -
Susanne Mathies


A failed crime writer wants to shoot himself at a posh Zurich hotel - instead, he becomes a murder suspect.
Podcast and interview:

Short reading:

Cressida Kandel investigates, book 2

ISBN 978-3-8392-0285-2

Gmeiner Verlag 2022
Mord im Lesesaal.jpg

Mord im Lesesaal -
Susanne Mathies


In the Zurich Museum Society reading room, a bedraggled man is sitting on one of the red leather armchairs, with a bloodstain on his chest and a letter opener in his heart. Six suspects are in the house, each of whom seems to have a dark point in their past. But no one owns up to the murder, they blame each other, and support from the police is not to be expected for some time to come. Will crime writer Cressida Kandel unmask the perpetrator before more murders happen?

Cressida Kandel investigates, book 1

ISBN 978-3-8392-0054-4
Gmeiner Verlag 2021

Das Auge der Ahnen -
Susanne Mathies


South sea magic and murder in Zurich – Why did the foreign visitor die in the art gallery? A gallery owner and a painter are drawn into a political conspiracy and try to investigate on their own. Tracking a historical amulet, they put their lives at risk in Zurich's Ethnological Museum.

Pia Hürlimann investigates, book 2

ISBN 978-9963-53-976-5
bookshouse 2018

Susanne Mathies


Jacques Steiner starts his new job as a consultant in Zurich's Primetower at ICAT Trading GmbH. Soon he encounters irregularities there. A colleague disappears and he himself almost falls victim to an assassination attempt. Intrigues are emerging, something is very rotten in the Prime Tower - and then Steiner discovers a dead body ...

Jacques Steiner investigates, book 1

ISBN 978-3-944264-74-5
Südwestbuch Verlag 2015
Taubenblut Cover.jpg

Taubenblut in Oerlikon-
Susanne Mathies

Pia Hürlimann works, poorly paid, in an art gallery in Zurich Oerlikon and would rather be a painter. One day she witnesses a snatch theft in downtown Zurich. When she wants to return a small silver figure of the Indian elephant god Ganesha to the attacked woman, she gets into increasingly crazy turbulences.

Pia Hürlimann investigates, book 1

ISBN 978-3-85830-165-9
orte Verlag 2012
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