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Susanne Mathies, born in Hamburg, holds a PhD in economics and in philosophy. She has been living, writing and painting in Zurich for many years. Seven of her novels have been published to date, most recently Mord im Filmpodium, Gmeiner 2023, and Der Koffer, oder: Entartete Ecken, Baltrum Verlag 2023.

She is a member of the editorial board of the orte literary magazine and co-editor of the orte poetry agenda.

New: The Suitcase, or: Degenerate Vertices

Lost in a sea of deceptions

Anna, in her mid-thirties, separated from her husband, arrives at Zurich airport late at night and accidentally takes a strange suitcase from the conveyor belt. A flood of blurred memories, associations, nightmares and erotic visions drives Anna on an odyssey through the night with the heavy piece of luggage, until she learns about the problem of degenerate corners from a mathematician in a bar.

Is there a connection between love and mathematics?

ISBN: 978-3-758440-40-3

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